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Changing the Game: Smart, Innovative, and Full Picture, From ‘Idea’ to ‘Operations’ (IDEA-OPS)

Changing the Game: Smart, Innovative, and Full Picture, From ‘Idea’ to ‘Operations’ (IDEA-OPS)

PropelUAS, a division of Evans Incorporated (Evans), drives unmatched expertise and value to advance the UAS industry and propel your organization to new heights.

PropelUAS leverages Evans’ 20+ years of aviation industry expertise, as well as its dedicated team of unmanned systems, air traffic control, aviation training, human factors, and airports, to help companies and agencies successfully navigate an ever-changing regulatory and technology landscape. The company also sets organizations up to leverage the latest tools and determine the correct platform, sensor, or software for the job to ensure organizational integration to maximize the bottom line. This creates ROI – Real Operational Impact®.

PropelUAS functions as a ‘translator,’ understanding UAS’ often complex applications and the full picture view of how these capabilities fit into the organizational context from an operational point of view. This helps organizations avoid costly mistakes and wasted time spent all-too-often on inefficient research and planning so they can focus on their core business – delivering value to key stakeholders. We bring proprietary solutions to organizations in the UAS industry to assist in the integration of new capabilities, services and products.

From ‘Idea’ to ‘Operations’ (IDEA-OPS), PropelUAS brings its expert knowledge to take your UAS requirements to the next level while driving top efficiency and value throughout the process.

Our four key service areas include:

Strategy – across the full context of organizational process and implementation, including program planning and assessments, business case development, futures strategy planning, long-range capital investment planning, leveraging industry best-practices tailored for UAS-specific investment strategies at each stage of the process.

Operations – including operations development, planning, training, execution, and performance monitoring, as well as certificate of authorization (COA) support, and waiver consulting throughout the UAS implementation lifecycle process, rooted in a recognized and intentional focus on the client’s business goals/mission, performance targets, internal and external factors influencing the organization and, most of all, the bottom line.

Safety Management – safety management systems (SMS) design and implementation, stakeholder and operator safety facilitation, and focus on safety training for initial and ongoing support of operations.

Risk Mitigation – particularly, enterprise risk management systems to maximize
outcomes and ensure safety and compliance every step of the way.
PropelUAS Services

Targeting key organizations within a number of industries, including:

Law Enforcement
Emergency Management
First Responders
State and Local Government
Oil and Gas (Energy)
Industrial Inspection

Are you thinking about starting a UAS program, struggling in one you already have in motion, or looking to take an existing program to the next step? Contact us today and let PropelUAS take your organization to new heights.

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